Sirf Chashma Hai Ye? or Is it mere glasses? (Short Fiction Film in English) a short film created by Prince Kumar and his team recently won an award for best editing at Darbhanga International Film Festival. Now on 1st march it will again felicitated at Boulder, USA for best cinematography. The film based on the doctrines of Mahatma Gandhi created on the occassion of their 150th birthday. The whole crew member of this film are below 18. They all are student, studying from class VIIth to XIIth. They save further time from study to follow their passion. As they all are students and all are in learning phase, none of them are professional but they won award for their technical exellence, firstly best editing at darbhanga and now for best cinematography at US. They reached to that level.

Firstly their film got selected at Boulder International Film Festival none of the team member expected that their film will won award because BIFF is one of the coolest film festival in world but now they reached the other shore of the ocean.

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