Indians have mastered the skill of creating a variety of bread, thanks to the vibrant diversity we induct into our cuisine. Give us whole wheat flour or any other form of grain, and we will give you lip-smacking platters of breads tagging with the choicest of side dishes. Every state in India has its very own variant of bread, but the small round deep-fried bread called poori is widely known and can be seen in every common household for breakfast. Poori is a very accommodating kind of bread, and poori differs from region to region with various gratings and mashes incorporated into it which dovetails the lusciousness of the bread, and that was withheld from the side dish that is served alongside. When it comes to Bihar it is more of a staple diet to the indigenous population and Bihari cuisine is one of a kind with its exquisiteness. The most common format of Poori there is tagged with the vegan Aaloo sabzi which is mashed potato with a delightful concoction of spices and herbs. The Bihar version of Poori is not complete without the special dessert of jalebi which gives a very healthy and balanced gastronomical.

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