Every year, makar sakranti or lohari-the first festival of the year brings with rice flakes laddu, puffed rice laddu, peanut chhikis. laddoos have some amazing health benifits and can be consumed guilt free during winter.  Sesame seeds(til), a great source of protein,they are also rich source of fatty acids and amino acids.

Til health benefits 

1. It reduces inflammation.
2.It has glycemic index,which is helpful in improving insulin sensitivity.
3.Til is extremely rich in minerals and helps in improving fertility.
4.Til is rich in calcium.it is great for bone health.
5.It has essential amino acids which are helpful in improving cardiovascular health.
6.Phytonutrients in til prevents hair fall and dandruff.
7.Til lowers cholesterol level.
8.Til have anti cancer properties prevent breast and colon cancer.
9.Some phytochemicals in sesame seeds boost metabolism and improve the body’s ability to burn fat.


Writer : Dietician Annu Jha
Dietary Counselor – V.L. C. C., Muzaffarpur

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